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December 3, 2013
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A Taste Of Your Own Medicine by crwns A Taste Of Your Own Medicine by crwns
heartache and pain came a’pourin down
like hail sleet and rain, yeah they’re handin’ it out

luciel, the half-angelic. in his world, you get your wings through highly stressful situations, and triumphing through them. most humans can actually get their wings, and a good fourth or so of the population is what's considered a half-angelic, 'born' through traumatic experiences and surviving them.

you become a full angel through going before the council of seraphs. they're the oldest of humans, imbued with otherworldly powers ( it's unknown if they're actually heavenly, or legitimately extraterrestrial ) which can be passed on to others they deem worthy. they're believed to live forever, and can only be killed by certain weapons of certain materials. nobody quite knows what they are.

luciel is also a demon hunter. demons come to be if they 'fail' their highly stressful or traumatic experience, generally resulting in death and 'resurrection' into a stronger, but less civil creature. demons will not always be born from bad people, and angelics are not always born from good people. this is why the council exists, though they aren't exactly the most well-meaning of people. but i digress. luciel is a demon hunter, doing so to raise his favor in the eyes of the council in hopes of joining the force of angels who hunt stronger demons, and destroys them by stabbing them in the heart with golden arrows. the gold adds no extra damage, he just likes how they look. he tried using a bow once, but he sucks at it. so instead of getting a real weapon, say a sword, he fights with the arrows. he's often called the cupid killer.

this got really long.

anyway, he's been stabbed and he's bleeding. good thing half-angelics are resilient.
Tigrezz55 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
looks good :D
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